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Hornets Fan

Pelicans lose for the seventh consecutive time to Pacers, 96-84 posted by Hornets Fan

Late in the third quarter on Tuesday night, Pelicans point guard Jrue Holiday saw the lane open quickly with Anthony Davis standing just a few feet away.

But instead of seizing upon the advantage, it turned out to be another dismally executed play that kept Coach Monty Williams flustered for most of the game. Holiday tossed an errant pass that never got to Davis and resulted in a turnover.

With a chance to build momentum from Sunday's big road win against Oklahoma City, the Pelicans had another uneven performance and lost 96-84 to the Pacers at Bankers Fieldhouse.

It was their seventh consecutive loss to the Pacers; fifth straight on the road. The Pelicans (14-14) came in holding the eight-seed in the Western Conference after having won six of their past nine. The Pelicans also dropped their fourth consecutive road game against an Eastern Conference opponent. 

The Pelicans struggled throughout the game to execute offensively. They had too many empty possessions where the ball didn't move enough and they settled for jump shots.

Pelicans scored only 14 points in the second quarter, but the Pacers led by only a  44-40 margin at halftime. It stayed close because the Pacers didn’t have a player score more than nine points in the first half.

But the Pacers took control of the game in the third quarter after extended their lead to as much as 12.

During a stretch in the second quarter, Holiday missed four consecutive jumpers. Backup forward Ryan Anderson also forced too many shots, missing six of his first seven before fouling out in the fourth quarter with four points.

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Nets Fan

Blueprint for Brooklyn Nets to Rebuild Via NBA Trade Market posted by Nets Fan

10-21 start, a disappointing 44-win finish and a second-round playoff loss bookended a discouraging season by management's standards. Now it seems as if general manager Billy King is looking to reconstruct his roster.

So, what does a team that pays a bigger luxury tax than any other do when its season starts to implode? It begins to prioritize the money just a little bit more. And there's nothing wrong with that.

You can't blame an owner who wants to spend when he wins but doesn't when he loses. Actually, there are advantages to keeping salary lower on unsuccessful teams, considering that getting below the luxury tax for a season helps you avoid paying a repeater tax in future years.

The Nets are in a unique situation: Most of the time, if an older team is underperforming and wants to deal away some of its bigger contracts, it'll look for young talent around which it can build.

The NBA's current climate promotes a sort of break-it-down-and-start-over environment for expensive teams that can't seem to find success. Except there is one problem which is specific to the Nets: The team doesn't have any valuable draft picks at any point in the near future.

We're talking nothing. Zilch.

Brooklyn could go five straight years—after sending its first-rounder to the Celtics this past summer—without selecting with its own first-round pick. 

Brooklyn may be four under .500 right now, but the schedule is in one of its lighter periods, starting with Sunday's home game against the Detroit Pistons, which the Nets won 110-105. Tuesday, the Nets host the

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Pacers Fan

Monroe, Drummond lead Pistons over Pacers, 119-109 posted by Pacers Fan

Greg Monroe had 19 points and 15 rebounds, Andre Drummond scored 20 points and the Pistons ended a four-game skid with a 119-109 victory over the Indiana Pacers on Friday night.

"What speaks to my coaching, better than anything, is we spent three days working on almost nothing but defense, give up 109 points, and our offense was fantastic," Stan Van Gundy said with a smile. "That tells you how good my teaching was, right there."

Brandon Jennings scored 14 and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope added 15 for the Pistons.

Roy Hibbert paced Indiana with 19 points, but foul trouble sent him to the bench in the third quarter, and the Pistons took advantage. They outscored the Pacers 36-29 in the period to take an 11-point lead into the fourth.

Hibbert fouled out at 5:53 of the fourth quarter, putting a damper on Indiana's comeback bid. Solomon Hill and C.J. Watson both added 14 points in the losing effort.

"I was a little tentative, and that ultimately bit me," Hibbert said. "I could have done a better job."

The usually stalwart Indiana defense, which ranks No. 1 in the NBA in opponents' points per game (96.1), allowed the Pistons to shoot 54.7 percent from the field on the night, well above their season average of 41.3 percent (30th in the league).

Indiana shot 50.6 percent, but never could get the lead after Detroit tied it at 15 with 5:54 to go in the first quarter.

"They're a good team," Hibbert said of the Pistons. "They have a lot of pieces that have been there for a while. I didn't think it would take them long to get the chemistry going again."

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Bobcats Fan

Lance Stephenson Trade Rumors: posted by Bobcats Fan

The Charlotte Hornets may be feeling buyer's remorse as it looks into the possibility of trading Lance Stephenson less than a season after signing him. ESPN's Marc Stein reported Stephenson would not be welcomed back to the Pacers which complicates the Hornet’s game plan in trying to move Stephenson.

He wore out the Pacers when he was with them and now seemingly has already worn out the Hornets and with no takers in sight, the Hornets are most likely stuck with Stephenson like it or not.

Yet all hope is not lost for Charlotte who still might be able to unload Stephenson back to the Pacers but it would cost them a first round attachment, something Charlotte is not willing to do.

If the Hornets move Stephenson, they'll be selling low on the 24-year-old. Through 23 games with his new team, the polarizing guard is averaging just 10.4 points per game, shooting 38.9 percent from the field and and 8-of-48 from three-point range. 

Still, a backcourt of Stephenson, Kemba Walker and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist simply doesn't provide enough shooting for the Hornets, who are 6-17 after entering the season with lofty expectations. 

With Walker seen as the team's future point guard and Kidd-Gilchrist still on a friendly rookie contract, moving Stephenson makes the most sense. Moreover, as Stein noted, a non-guaranteed third year on his new contract makes him a more enticing target for potential suitors. 

Stephenson is an immense talent capable of making a positive impact on both sides of the ball, but there have also been concerns about him as a teammate. 

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Pacers Fan

Indiana Pacers Preseason Report 2014 posted by Pacers Fan

The 2013-2014 season looked very promising for the Indiana Pacers, but they failed in the playoffs. The initial half of the season was quite explosive with 33 wins and only 7 losses, with great contributions from Lance Stephenson and Paul George. Apart from these two great players, the Pacers also have an excellent defense, and the team was in the lead position for lowest percentage of opponent field goal. However, the Pacers may not have an excellent offense, and their offense usually starts slowly during the game. 

Frank Vogel, who is a good coach, came under the scanner, as the team failed to advance in the playoffs. For season 2014-2015, the question remains whether any changes are going to make things better for the Pacers. Judging by the performance of each player in the last season, Paul George seems to be on top. He played great offense, and also came very near to the title of Defensive Player of the Year. If he keeps playing the same game, and does not let the last season cloud his judgment, George will continue to be the top player.

Lance Stephenson, on the other hand has some unique moves, and his antics seems to grab headlines during playoffs. Sometimes he might seem deranged but ensuring the victory of his team is his primary focus. Larry Bird seems to be convinced about keeping him, and he has re-signed Stephenson for the team.

Another strong force of Indiana Pacers is David West, who backed the team and gave his best when things started going south for the Pacers. He was very willful during the playoffs and could have been the only reason, the pacers managed to play the last playoff game. The team definitely needs his leadership and confidence. If the Indiana Pacers manage to keep these three players, and they play as expected, there are good chances for the team to reach the finals.

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Frank Jenkins

Fired up for a fun NBA season! posted by Frank Jenkins

Hey gang!

I am excited as the new NBA season approaches. The preseason started last night and that means that we are less than four weeks away from the start of the season. I've got my Gamecenter online so that I can watch games with my computer. I'll spend time on this blog talking about what games I've watched and other exciting news and notes from the NBA. 

I have several teams that I love, but my top two teams are the Magic and the Pacers. I used to live in the Orlando area for several years and now live closest to the Pacers. If I get to any of the Pacer games live, then I'll also post pictures from those.

Let's get ready for a fun year. Over the next couple weeks, I'll give you my insights as to who might win the trophy in June.


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Micky Deming

The Need for Relevance posted by Micky Deming

As a Pacer fan, the obvious highlight of my season was the ESPN 30 for 30 story on Reggie Miller vs the New York Knicks. I loved every second of the documentary. I thought it was put together very well, and the best part was all of the memories it brought back.

On the other hand it was bitter-sweet in some ways. The Pacers have been awful for the last few years, but I have still enjoyed the NBA and told myself, "It's OK that the Pacers aren't competitive because it is still great to watch all of these high profile teams go at it in the Playoffs." 

 But that was wrong. There is something incredible about living and dying with every point in an NBA Playoff series. And Pacer fans got to experience that excitement consistently from the mid 90's to the early 00's. Honestly, I took it for granted. And seeing those old games again, I remembered how much I hated the Knicks and how much I cared about how those games turned out. It reminded me that the Pacers used to matter. And I want that again so badly. I want our games to be meaningful; relevant. I want to sit at work all day and be thinking about what is going to happen in the game tonight.

Which brings us to the lottery. The Pacers have never been a serious contender for the top pick in the lottery. In fact, the last two years they finished 9th in the East, just out of the playoffs, and a long way from the top talent in the draft. To me, it seems silly to act like a top pick in the draft is the only way the team can get good, but a glance at the top of the league shows that you have to score big with a superstar or you will never be good.

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Colin Linneweber

Ron Artest is an alcoholic lunatic posted by Colin Linneweber

Psychotic Los Angeles Lakers small forward Ron Artest claimed this week that he boozed a French cognac during games when he played for the Chicago Bulls from 1999-2002.


“I used to drink Hennessy at halftime,” Artest, 30, said in an interview with the Sporting News. “I kept it in my locker. I’d just walk to the liquor store and get it.”


Artest, who was born and raised in the Queensbridge projects in Queens, New York, played college basketball at St. John’s University and he was selected by the Bulls with the 16th overall pick in the 1999 NBA Draft.


“When I was a 19-year-old father, whew. I was a single pimp! I was wild,” said the unbalanced hoopster who infamously once attended a practice with the Indiana Pacers donning only a bath robe. “A lot of marijuana and alcohol. I still party and have fun, but not like I used to. I used to drink every night and party every night.”


Artest, the 2004 NBA Defensive Player of the Year and four-time NBA All-Defensive Team selection, also revealed to the famed athletic periodical that he doesn’t regret as a Pacer inciting the violent brawl in Detroit that halted a contest against the Pistons.


The vicious melee “wasn’t my fault…I don’t see anything I could have done differently.”


Artest is simply crazier than a shithouse rat.


The ghetto ballplayer from Gotham needlessly mugged Pistons center Ben Wallace in the waning minutes of a Pacers blowout victory in November 2004.

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Andy Charles

Jackson just can’t get his way posted by Andy Charles

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Jackson just can’t seemingly learn how to behave – it doesn’t matter where he plays or what he does, he’s always in the headlines for the wrong reasons either on or off the court.

After a relatively quiet start to his career in San Antonio and Atlanta, ever since he arrived with the dysfunctional Indiana Pacers at the start of the 2004-5 season it has been a long downhill run for the swingman.

Within a couple of months of his Pacer debut, he was handed a 30-game ban for his role in the Palace of Auburn Hills brawl and the season after he was charged with criminal recklessness for firing his gun during an altercation outside a strip club in Indianapolis.

Although things were better for him after a trade to Golden State in early 2007, he was ejected twice during their NBA playoff series win over Dallas, but he did go on to become an important cog in Don Nelson’s team until his demand for a trade this summer.

His latest indiscretion came last week when he had a very public falling out with coach Nelson on the bench at an exhibition game with the Los Angeles Lakers and was suspended for two further games, albeit pre-season warm-ups.

Sadly for the Warriors, Jackson is their best option at the swing position and they are keen to get him back on court, but is a disgruntled player going to be much help to their younger stars in the making, players who have a big future in front of them like Stephen Curry, Anthony Randolph and Anthony Morrow.

But they cannot afford to buy Jackson out given that his contract calls for him to be paid $7.6m this season before an extension kicks in at the start of next season that will earn him $27.8m more over three years.

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Ian Shankster

NBA Playoff Predictions posted by Ian Shankster

At this point in the summer I am going to break down who I think is going to land in the playoffs after the nine.ten. This is based on what has happened so far around the league.

Western Conference Playoffs:

1. Los Angeles Lakers

2. San Antonio Spurs

3. Portland Trailblazers

4. Dallas Mavericks

5. Denver Nuggets

6. Utah Jazz

7. Phoenix Suns

8. New Orleans Hornets 

Easter Conference Playoffs:

1. Cleveland Cavaliers

2. Boston Celtics

3. Miami Heat

4. Orlando Magic

5. Chicago Bulls

6. Atlanta Hawks

7. Toronto Raptors

8. Indiana Pacers 

The turnover from last year is small with the Suns replacing the Rockets in the Western Conference and the Raptors and Pacers replacing the Sixers and Pistons in the Eastern Conference. There is however, some movement in the standings, except at the top. 

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Indiana Pacers News

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Hornets F Kidd-Gilchrist tears labrum in shoulder again (Yahoo Sports)

[read full article]

From Yahoo Sports

Shoulders to cry on: Love, MKG, Olynyk all exit with shoulder woes (Ball Don't Lie)

Wednesday was a rough night for shoulders in the NBA, as three players on teams with Eastern Conference playoff aspirations left their games early after suffering shoulder injuries. [ Follow Dunks Don't Lie on Tumblr:  The best slams from all of basketball] Headlining the injury report: Cleveland Cavaliers star Kevin Love, who left his team's nationally televised Wednesday meeting with the Los Angeles Lakers favoring his left shoulder — the one he had surgically repaired last spring after dislocating it in the opening round of the playoffs — in the final minute of the first half: Kevin Love has a shoulder injury that occurred on this play where he was defended by Kobe Bryant — The Cauldron (@TheCauldron) February 11, 2016 After banging with Kobe Bryant in the post before shooting a jump hook, Love, his left shoulder slumped, almost immediately left the court and headed back to the locker room, with Cavaliers general manager David Griffin following close behind . Shortly thereafter, the team ruled Love out for the game with what they described generally as a left shoulder injury; he finished with eight points on 2-for-9 shooting with six rebounds, three assists and one steal in 20 minutes. Cleveland went on to beat L.A., 120-111 , behind big games from Kyrie Irving (35 points, seven assists) and LeBron James (29 points, 11 assists, seven rebounds). It wasn't immediately clear how severely Love reinjured his surgically repaired shoulder, but the Cavs are apparently optimistic that whatever caused Love to yell in pain and race to the locker room wasn't too bad: League source tells ESPN that upon initial examination, Cavs do not believe Love's shoulder injury to be major: "Most likely he'll be fine" — Dave McMenamin (@mcten) February 11, 2016 #Cavs expect Kevin Love (shoulder contusion) to be available for first game out of All-Star break. It'll be Chicago on Feb. 18 at The Q. — Chris Haynes (@ChrisBHaynes) February 11, 2016 The Charlotte Hornets and their fans find themselves similarly hoping for the best after watching forward Michael Kidd-Gilchrist — whose recent return to the lineup less than four months after undergoing surgery on a torn labrum in his right shoulder in preseason was nothing short of remarkable — once again dislocate the shoulder during the third quarter of Charlotte's visit to Bankers Life Fieldhouse to take on the Indiana Pacers: Kidd-Gilchrist, a hard-charging two-way player who famously plays with a revved-up motor and throws his body around, suffered the injury after Pacers center Ian Mahinmi fell on him in the chase for a loose ball. He stayed down until Charlotte committed a foul to stop play, and needed to be helped to the locker room, leaving many Hornets fans fearing the worst. He would not return, leaving the arena to go to an Indianapolis hospital to get his shoulder popped back into place; he finished with eight points, three rebounds, two assists and one steal in 19 minutes of work in a 117-95 blowout of the Pacers that improved the Hornets to 27-26, marking the first time in six years that Charlotte's over .500 at the All-Star break. Combined with the Detroit Pistons' loss to the Denver Nuggets, it also moved Steve Clifford's club into the No. 8 spot in the Eastern Conference playoff picture. Those silver linings, however, come wrapped around the gray cloud of Kidd-Gilchrist's early exit, and the shadow his looming absence could cast over the Hornets' post-All-Star-break chances: The @hornets Michael Kidd-Gilchrist will get an MRI tomorrow in Charlotte regarding his dislocated shoulder. #CHAatIND — Charlotte Hornets PR (@HornetsPR) February 11, 2016 Kidd-Gilchrist had been tremendous in his first six games since returning, averaging 13.5 points, seven rebounds and 1.2 assists in 31 minutes per game while shooting 52.6 percent from the field and a shocking 42.9 percent from 3-point land. In keeping with the precedent set over the past couple of seasons, the Hornets have operated at a significantly higher level with MKG on the floor than off it since his return, outscoring opponents by 15.2 points per 100 possessions when he's playing and getting outscored by 4.3 points-per-100 when he's been on the bench. He's stepped right back in as Charlotte's best defender while also working his tail off to fit in on the offensive end, and it's been working ... and now, again, Clifford and company might have to make do without him. The Boston Celtics might also have to weather the absence of an important piece of their frontcourt puzzle after the All-Star break, as forward/center Kelly Olynyk — who, you might remember, was the player with whom Love tangled on the play that resulted in his separated shoulder back in the first round of the 2015 playoffs — left the game in the final minute of the second quarter of Boston's matchup with the Los Angeles Clippers after being landed on by Clippers center DeAndre Jordan: Olynyk would stay in the game, make his two free throws and play one more defensive possession before coming out for good with 15 seconds left in the first half. He finished with seven points, two rebounds and two assists in 11 minutes. #NEBHInjuryReport : Kelly Olynyk has been diagnosed with a bruised right shoulder and will not return to tonight's game. — Boston Celtics (@celtics) February 11, 2016 After the game, which Boston won, 139-134 , in double-overtime, the Celtics updated Olynyk's diagnosis in a way that doesn't sound especially pleasant: Stevens said Kelly Olynyk had a shoulder subluxation and went to the hospital for X-rays. — Jay King (@ByJayKing) February 11, 2016 As Jeff Stotts of the injury-focused site In Street Clothes has written, a subluxation is a partial dislocation in which "the displacement is minor and the shoulder joint slips out but naturally returns to its normal position." That doesn't sound particularly appealing, but it also doesn't seem as bad as a complete dislocation; Boston fans will hope that the extended All-Star break will have the 24-year-old Gonzaga product, who's been playing the best ball of his career for Brad Stevens this season, back an ready to contribute for a Celtics club that sits at 32-23, winners of eight of their last 10 and in third place in the East. Whatever their prognoses, it seems likely that Olynyk, Love and Kidd-Gilchrist all have an awful lot of rest, ice and treatment in store over the long week off. More NBA coverage: - - - - - - - Dan Devine is an editor for Ball Don't Lie on Yahoo Sports. Have a tip? Email him at or follow him on Twitter! Follow @YourManDevine Stay connected with Ball Don't Lie on Twitter @YahooBDL , "Like" BDL on Facebook and follow Dunks Don't Lie on Tumblr for year-round NBA talk, jokes and more. [read full article]

From Yahoo Sports

George's big finish leads Pacers past Lakers 89-87 (The Associated Press)

Kobe Bryant gave Indiana Pacers fans one last thrill Monday night. Paul George made sure there was noHollywood finish for one of the game's biggest stars. After Bryant made three straight 3-pointers to give the Los Angeles Lakers a three-point lead with 2:30 left to play, George answered with six straight points to help the Pacers rally for an 89-87 victory. [read full article]

From Yahoo Sports

George's big finish leads Pacers past Lakers 89-87 (Yahoo Sports)

[read full article]

From Yahoo Sports

Lakers-Pacers Preview (The Associated Press)

It's not clear if Indiana Pacers fans will get to see one player who was a key part of their past and one who tormented them many seasons ago. Roy Hibbert and Kobe Bryant are both questionable for the Los Angeles Lakers in Monday night's visit to face Paul George and the Pacers. It's an interesting debate as to whether fans in the Hoosier state are more interested in watching Hibbert or Bryant play for Los Angeles (11-42) in this contest. [read full article]

From Yahoo Sports

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